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Tidelines II

Our re-hang and re-fresh of the summer Tidelines exhibition was launched last Thursday, and we had three artists speak of their processes to the gathered crowd. Lotti Dumesny spoke about how she produced her work, And the Sea Spoke of Stardust, combining photography, digital collage, ink and paint (and sequins!). Then Shari Nye detailed her process for producing her beautiful abstract works, and how much mood affects the results. Marjorie Raetz then spoke about her journey back to art via inspirational Broken Hill, and then landing in Port Fairy and finding connection in a ceramics group with Meg Finnegan. Huge thanks to the artists for being so generous with their words and time.

Tidelines II continues through to the end of February. All works are available for sale.

LtoR: Shari Nye, Marjorie Raetz, and Lotti Dumesny

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