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Exhibition Opening at Charlie's

Don't forget the opening of Siࣙân Burman's exhibition "Southern Ocean Blue" at Charlies's on East Beach, Saturday 5th August at 2.30pm. One of our goals for SW Makers is to provide opportunities for local artists to get together socially, and this opening is a great way to meet other artists and art-lovers.

Board members will be there, so you will be able to discuss any ideas you have about the Association and you may like to register your interest in future exhibitions, both at Charlie's and at the F-Project. Robert Gatt is currrently putting together an application for SW Makers to book a block in the F Project calendar for 2024, with the exhibition title "All at Sea".

Under the Memberships tab in the header, there is a File Sharing section, where you can find the application for exhibiting at Charlie's. A sub-committee will review the applications and liase with applicants to organise a suitable time for hanging the exhibition. Even if you have never had a solo exhibition before, you can get the support you need, together with some publicity and an opportuntiy for sales.

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