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Exhibition Opening - "Adventures in Colour" by Kate Winnen at Charlie's

"Griffith's Island at Sunset" by Kate Winnen

Exhibition Opening Saturday 2nd September, 2.30pm at Charlie's on East, Port Fairy. Come along to support a local artist, meet art lovers and chat with friends.

Kate Winnen is an expressionist painter, living and working in Port Fairy, Victoria. Kate’s ability to “see” her paintings gives her landscapes an authenticity. We can recognize them instantly. We have been there. Her expressionistic skill gives such joy and light to each of her works. There is a playfulness in her art which is uplifting. Our day is sure to be brightened as we stand a while to breathe in the positivity of Kate’s paintings.

“I am a painter mostly working with the bright, flexible medium of acrylic paint on canvas. I am inspired by the landscapes & seascapes featured in my immediate environment, the ever-changing coast of south west Victoria and the rural landscapes surrounding my home town of Port Fairy. I draw influence from many artists including those working in the expressionist style. I'm interested in the way colour exists in nature and I concern myself with how it is incorporated into my painting, along with lines and paint markings. I like my work to be layered and textured to create the illusion of depth”.

Kate’s work is almost exclusively uses acrylic paint on canvas, finished with a gloss varnish, which protects the work and Kate says she loves the “finished” look that varnish creates. Paintings vary in size, but generally on the smaller size.

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