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October Update - We're Open!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Thanks to all the marvellous people who have stepped up and volunteered their time for the roster, donated goods and services and/or brought in artwork to be appraised for the gallery. We are truly amazed at the generous resonse we have had to the prospect of a community gallery.

At the risk of leaving someone off the list, we are very grateful to:

  • Roger Bellchambers for his work to create wall brackets for our flag, remove doors and sliding windows

  • Jenny Oscar for her donation of kitchen and electrical items

  • Wendy Smyrk for her donation of Magnart hanging magnets and kitchen tidy

  • Sue and Ron Knudsen for their donation of cleaning materials and equipment

  • Heather Wood for donating a laminator

  • Judith Sharrock for donating a box of A4 printer paper

  • James for office chairs

  • Heather Davitt for donating a First Aid Kit

  • Rhonda Allardice for her donation of measuring equipment

  • A frame sign donated by Lyn Wise

  • A wonderful donation of desks for our studio rooms

  • and to all the other members who volunteered their time

We have been very excited to see a large number of artists, makers and supporters join SW Makers over the past week. We welcome you and encourage your input to the association by speaking with one of the board members, emailing us, or dropping into 38 Bank Street. Please spread the word and let friends and family know what is happening in the Port Fairy art scene!

If you have volunteered for the roster, please drop in and check your availability or contact Kay O'Connell. If you have artworks to be considered for the gallery, please come along and speak to the curatorial team - Rob Gatt, Freya Marriott and Sian Burman.

New Exhibition at Charlie's on East in November

Following Kate Winnen's exhibition "Adventures in Colour", Britt Gow (printmaker) will be hanging her intricate linocut, textural collograph and extraordinary woodgrain prints.

"Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw"

Exhibition Opening - Saturday 4th November

2.30pm at Charlie's on East

The title of the exhibition is a line from the famous poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, who wrote “In Memoriam A.H.H.”(1850), as a tribute to his young friend who had died 17 years previously. His prose “reflected a bleak, increasing awareness that the cruelty of the industrial revolution and the expanding Empire showed the world not to be the warm creation of a loving God, but instead to be impersonal, material, and strictly physical.” The industrial revolution was just the beginning of constant assaults on and increasing separation from the natural world. Two hundred and twenty years later climate change, habitat destruction, introduced species, pollution, population growth and over-harvesting threaten species across the globe.

Since Britt was a small child, she has had great empathy and concern for living organisms, especially Australia’s native flora and fauna. Her science degree gave her an understanding of living organisms from a cellular level, to their anatomy, physiology, ecology and evolution over millennia. Her influences include printmakers such as Lionel Lindsay, Bryan Nash Gill (wood grain prints), and John Wolseley and assemblage artists such as Rosalie Gascoigne and Janine Mackintosh. This exhibition will be on show from Monday 30th October until Sunday 7th January.

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